Solo Exhibition, National Tsing Hua University Arts and Culture Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2023.12.06 - 2024.01.04

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Printhology: Chen Shiau-Peng Solo Exhibition

“Printhology: A Solo Exhibition by Chen Shiau-Peng” showcases an array of the artist's print works from 2011 to 2023. The exhibition's title, “Printhology,” is a portmanteau that merges "print" with the suffix "-logy," which signifies theory or doctrine, highlighting Chen's approach to printmaking as a tool to articulate her unique perspective, shaped by her life experiences and artistic reflections. The title also cleverly plays on the word “log,” alluding both to timber and a personal diary. Chen views printmaking akin to slicing open a log, each print revealing growth rings of her life's journey. The exhibited pieces represent both psychological and physical imprints of traces left by the passage of time. The exhibition also features Printhology, an artist's book eponymous to the exhibition. The book is a curated collection of entries from Chen's printmaking blog, spanning a decade. It establishes a dialogue between the written word and the displayed art, offering a comprehensive insight into Chen's creative process and evolution.


陳曉朋個展《版畫日誌》展出藝術家創作於 2011-2023 期間的版畫作品選集。英文展名 “Printhology” 中的 “logy” 有理論、學說的意思,揭示藝術家透過版畫揭露自己的生命經驗及創作思考,兩者相互呼應成為一種獨特的觀點。“log” 有原木和日誌的意思,剖開原木可以看到生命成長軌跡的年輪,藝術家視「版畫」為一種記錄生活的方法學,這次展出的作品是一種隨著時間而留下的印痕,包含心理上和物理上的痕跡。本次個展也展出同名藝術家書籍《版畫日誌》,陳曉朋結集自己10年來的版畫部落格內容,透過文字和這次展出的版畫圖像共同對話。