THE NEW WAY - THE RIGHT METHOD 新 路 線:右 邊 的 方 法

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The New Way - The Right Method
Cement paint on wall 
2 pieces facing each other
330 x 560 cm each
Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), Taipei

The New Way - The Right Method(Model)
Ink on Paper
8 x 10 x 12 cm

View The New Way: The Right Method at group exhibition: Project The Folly

The New Way - The Right Method (The Details)

Created on-site at C-LAB, a pair of two murals stand resonant in mutual dialogue on facing walls. The chessboard structure on the murals alludes to the current state of contemporary art in Taiwan driven by Western art. A small map of China has been overlaid on top of a map of Taipei on the mural. The red-and-white C-LAB logos on the chessboard map designates the three locations in Taipei where the designer (an Austrian artist born in China) has held solo exhibitions in 2020, thus indicating the "correct" path (chess moves) for navigating Taiwan’s art circles.